Saturday, November 2, 2019

Community development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Community development - Research Paper Example Data collection methods will include questionnaires and interviews. It is hypothesized that there are visible community development projects in Bangladesh that can be credited to the efforts of Grameen Bank. Additionally, it is hypothesized that there are women who have improved their lives due to empowerment by Grameen Bank. The outcome of this study will have implications on community development workers and agencies (Osmani 695). Since its inception in 1983, Grameen Bank has used an unconventional mode of lending different from other banks by eliminating the need for collateral. The bank has replaced the need for collateral with accountability, mutual trust, supervision, creativity, and participation. The emphasis of the bank is on education and economic empowerment of the poor people who live in the rural areas of Bangladesh. The objective of this study is to document the experience of Grameen Bank in community development and women empowerment in Bangladesh (Mahmud 49). The problems of poverty and women oppression are concerns shared worldwide and different groups and institutions address them in unique ways. Grameen Bank approaches community development and women empowerment from the rural parts of Bangladesh using collateral-free lending. Studies have expressed their admiration for Grameen Bank’s approach to these two concerns. However, prior studies do not provide alternatives to how the bank can ensure that all women remain empowered and that they are not overshadowed by patriarchy and male domination and this is a gap that this study will seek to fill (Mahmud 48). Grammeen Bank started in 1983 from Professor Muhammad Yunus’ idea of providing capital to the poor in Jobra village in Bangladesh. The sight of the poor population of Bangladesh suffering triggered the idea especially in the incidence of the adverse weather conditions of the country (Osmani 696). Famine and poor housing were some

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