Saturday, July 27, 2019

Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Globalization - Essay Example Before the United States of America was the ultimate supreme ruler and countries like India were low-level underdeveloped nations. However, globalization has changed this. Although these countries cannot yet rise to the same level in terms of development, they are able to learn and understand better the culture and other aspects of development such as in technology and innovations about other countries. Communication has definitely increased in growth. People are now integrated in their thinking to improve and modernize their ways of doing things. Lower level countries can now understand the good concepts of other countries and integrate them in their own country for development. Technology, especially computers, paved the way for Internet, which has made communication so much faster. Freidman, in his book, realizes that the world is flat when he visited several technology companies and call centers in India and also in China. Friedman is later told that the playing field right now h as been leveled, a condition in which all companies and businesses have an equal chance of being successful and on top. Now, countries like India can participate in the competition for worldwide understanding and knowledge, flattening to the point where businesses, small or big, can collaborate and vie globally. Globalization has caused several effects in the development of many areas in development and growth. In the military, it has flattened through the use of computer technology. Now, low-status officers and recruited men could gain access to different kinds of information through the Internet. Education is also now available through the Internet. Online schooling is now possible. American people can be lectured, coached and instructed online by Indian tutors. Information is spread throughout the world and is now continually flowing to even the remote locations in several countries. In terms of trade and commerce, advertising and sales can be done through television and the inte rnet as well which is seen by more audiences in a cheaper and a more low-cost way. Because of the flat world, there is an emergence and the beginning of worldwide production markets that have dramatically increased the development of international trade within the past five decades. In addition, in terms of economy, in my opinion, countries now have the same and equal opportunity to become the number one power in terms of wealth. Before, the United States was the main world power and it has maintained a sturdy and rich economy. But because of globalization, China grew tremendously, competing with America, and it has been predicted that in twenty years time with this kind of rate from China, it will have enough to rival with the United States. Communication to the social public has now effectively increased and grew. Tri media has now become cheaper and cheaper to the point where it has become affordable to everyone, enabling it to reach a larger audience faster and in a more afforda ble way. Culture has also become influenced and has changed. Cultural diffusion, or the sharing an the spreading of ideas, the contact between cultural countries, adopting new cultures and practices and technology has bloomed, flourished and tremendously grew. Cultural diversity is now more apparent such as the emergence of international pop culture and trends. With all this development and the rise

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