Saturday, October 19, 2019

Creating a Climate of Ethical Behavior at Workplace Research Paper

Creating a Climate of Ethical Behavior at Workplace - Research Paper Example Knowledge sharing practices enable organizational members to share ideas and fully exploit knowledge-based sources. Personal commitment and trust is necessary because they help in knowledge management process. This paper will explore ethics in an organization as well as workplace safety-enhancing behaviors and qualities such as personal commitment and trust. Undoubtedly, ethical behavior significantly contributes to the success of many organizations. An ethical work climate is part of the organization and it is a representation of organizational practices that are viewed as right or wrong. Many individuals believe that an ethical work climate is indispensable for a good business. Notably, organizations striving for excellence and success in their business activities tend to focus on a strong ethical culture. Organizations need to effectively respond to both economic and non-economic surroundings in order to achieve their goals, but this requires members to be socially responsible and behave ethically. Truly, creating a working environment guided by ethics can be a very important move for an organization. In contrast, unethical behaviors negatively influence the organization. For instance, unethical behaviors are more likely to increase the organizations’ liability and financial risk. Secondly, consumers would not be attracted to the products and services of the organization with an unethical climate. More so, an unethical climate negatively affects the workers since it lowers job satisfaction and performance. In most cases, unethical behavior emerges from lack of knowledge and an inability to come up with ethical solutions (Patterson, 1989). Unethical behavior makes individuals become more sensitive to the likelihood of censure and this will in turn motivate them to avoid censure behaviors (Sinha, 1967). Therefore, it is very appropriate to institutionalize an ethical attitude in the organization. This paper provides a thoughtful

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