Friday, October 18, 2019

Mini-Analysis Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mini-Analysis - Research Paper Example This is because as college men, it is important that students will be offered every available opportunity to engage in learning (Vianden, 2009). By exploring the college men’s perceptions about interacting with faculty beyond the classroom, it is becomes possible to understand ways in which this form of learning oriented interaction can be improved. It is therefore important that the questions are well diversified to identify key factors that hinder out-of-class interaction because until such factors are known, it will be difficult to try to improve interaction outside the classroom. The qualitative methodology used in the study was basic interpretive qualitative study. According to the researcher in the study, â€Å"such a design is utilized when researchers are interested in exploring and understanding participants’ perspectives and perceptions† (p. 227). Meanwhile, the researcher’s approach was to undertake a qualitative research. The rationale for selecting basic interpretive qualitative study can be said to be directly linked with the definition given to qualitative research by Diriwà ¤chter & Valsiner (2006). This is because qualitative method was noted to be suitable when a researcher seeks to develop deeper understanding about a given topic and understand how people make meaning of experiences related to the topic. As part of the basic interpretive qualitative study, the researcher used in-depth interview as the major approach to data collection. This approach was helpful in ensuring that the researcher could collect very detailed qualitative opinions and ideas of respondents concerning the topic at hand. Having said this, the researcher could still have used a focus group method to gain even more data than was gathered. Specifically, focus group would have made it possible to collect behavioral data that would have been very important for understanding the issue and for decision making purposes (Seidman, 2013). The writing presented in the

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