Monday, October 7, 2019

Hazardous Waste and International Environmental Policy Essay

Hazardous Waste and International Environmental Policy - Essay Example Large amounts of the world’s harmful wastes generated by the world’s industrialized market economies are exported to less developed countries in Asia and Africa. The big question here is; how can domestic policy address the issue of e-waste? Are there ratifications put in place to stop this menace? This paper focuses on the possibility of the enacted legislations to stop hazardous waste disposals in developing countries. As a matter of fact, the non developed countries remain vulnerable to disposal of the hazardous e-waste since they lack a ratified policy to stop dumping of wastes in their land. As this disposal continues human health is at a great risk of it being compromised. The issue of health has raised attention compelling developing states to enact laws and regulations governing e-waste disposal. This is a positive trend that puts into check waste disposal. It is however worth noting that the regulations formulated only apply to the states in question and does n ot touch on the exporting countries where the waste originates from in fact some key producers of e-waste are reluctant to ratification plans designed to reduce these wastes. The result of lack of law enforcement on e-waste in poor and developing countries pose a major danger to human health and its environment. Poor countries need to come up with domestic policies that does not only govern internal waste disposal but also imported e-waste. In addition, poor countries need to unite and formulate an international policy that will govern importation of e-waste from developed countries. At individual level, people should learn basic concepts of recycling as this will reduce intoxication of lands and its resources. However, this may not completely stop e-waste disposal. It is further complicated because of the large volumes of wastes produced caused by the ever changing

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