Thursday, September 26, 2019

ENG Comp II- TCP Task 1 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

ENG Comp II- TCP Task 1 - Research Paper Example In this context, Al-Azmi (2013) has provided lots of information on how user behaviors, expectations, and needs are being studied. This paper is selected as a reference since Al-Azmi’s (2013) excellent literature review helps the reader to understand the might of cognitive technologies at full length, especially in the realm of business intelligence. Al-Azmi is a qualified computer engineer with extensive experience in writing journal articles and scientific papers. Bentivoglio, C. A., Bonura, D., Cannella, V., Carletti, S., Pipitone, A., Pirrone, R., .Rossi, P.G. & Russo, G. (2010). Intelligent Agents supporting user interactions within self regulated learning processes.  Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society,  6, 27-36. The authors of this journal article clearly show that how adoption of cognitive technologies has proved to be instrumental in improving user satisfaction and performance. Hence, Bentivoglio et al (2010) are of the opinion that development of cognitive tools and techniques with self-regulatory capabilities can give better results. This paper has been selected because the authors have explained several advanced concepts with the help of real world examples. Carlo A. Bentivoglio is a science education specialist from the University of Macerata. Implementation of cognitive technologies in education is one of his team’s current research interests. In this journal article, Dascal and Dror (2005) have successfully attempted to contextualize cognitive technologies as per the demands of contemporary world. The authors show that the cognitive tools can be put in use to improve user performance by the means of process redistributions, semantic understanding of things, text mining, etc. The paper is selected for present research because it contains an exhaustive coverage of the topic that how people can benefit most from intelligences tools and cognitive methods. The authors Dascal (Tel-Aviv University) and Dror (University College of London)

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