Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Managing Business Projects Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing Business Projects - Case Study Example At times, co-ordination between employees was a problem and communication gaps following this clustered spaced out location offices could be an issue. It has thus important to address the problem and seek a viable solution to the situation in hand. To address this problem, it has become important for Sekroob to accommodate its entire staff on just one floor. It was decided to rent and utilize a new floor of out of town accommodation. The flowed would ensure that the entire call center is housed on one floor alongside many a floor operational advantages. An increase in efficiency was expected, staff motivation to rise, faster inflow and outflow of business products, lesser chaos and a more smooth running business atmosphere. Initially it was decided to use a professional re-location company by the director Ron Black for acquisition and equipping the new work space. But one need to realize that a professional relocation company to relocate the company over the weekend would mean expenses would increase manifold. I could relocate the office, and the staff which could be far more beneficial compared to hiring a professional relocation company to do the same. My focus of the project would be to do it at a cost which is less than half of what would be spent on a professional relocation company. It would focus on quality control as I have worked with the organization and I am more aware of the internal environment of the office. Moreover, it is also guaranteed that the work would finish will before the coming weekend and by next Monday; the entire staff would be working in the new location. Facts discovered after some research: A current situation analysis under taken has revealed that there was 78 staff including 6 section leaders and one director in the company. The office was located on various floors of the town center office, each of which could be accessed by 2 service lifts or stairs. It was only the call center director who had an individual office otherwise open plan offices were scattered all over. The workers were present in 6 work stations which combined had 13 cells. 6 cells were located on the 4th floor while the remaining 7 stood scattered over the lower floors. The equipment in these work stations involved the presence of a desk, a lockable desk pedestal and over head hanging storage cabinet, cabinet telephone equipment with networked computer, monitor and laser printer. There were 3 cupboards in each of the 4 cells. Plan: The relocation would involve relocating the call center department to the second floor. The plan is to relocate the call center department to the second floor. For this new office furniture would be purchased and fit in by the manufactures. This will be followed by the use of vacated office space would then be used by other departments shortly after the move. So the vacated work stations had to be in a usable condition. The department had created a plan of where everyone was to be located (seated) in the new office. The trial shift: To figure out how long each activity would take, a trial shift was planned over one weekend. In this trial run, a working cell was moved into a van, driven to another office and unpacked so that it could be used again. The idea behind this was to figure out how long the whole process would take and to figure out any potential problems that would be

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