Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Research Proposal Example hts refer to the moral norms or principles that generally describe some specific human behavior standards which are protected regularly as legal rights according to the set of International Law. The rights are inherent for all human beings irrespective of their age, nationality, gender, ethnicity, religion and place. However, in practice it is found that there are major sections of people who are deprived of certain human rights because of the existence of discrimination among the people based on different factors including race, gender, nationality and many more (East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project, â€Å"Defending Human Rights: A Resource Book for Human Rights Defenders†). Defending or protection of human rights has become a major challenge for the government of different countries and people are also required to defend their own human right. It is very essential for the government and legal authorities to implement effective laws and regulations that woul d help in providing the respective human right to every section of people in the society and further avoid discrimination (Freedomhouse, â€Å"Defending Regional Human Rights Protection Mechanisms: The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights under Attack†). Additionally, the human rights states that there should not be inequality among the people based on diverse discriminating factors. More awareness should be created among the people regarding the importance of defending human right so that people are equally treated and they receive what they deserve being responsible citizen of society (OSCE/ODIHR, â€Å"Guidelines on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders†). Some human rights defenders focuses on encouraging Government as a whole to fulfill human rights obligations, for example by publicizing information on the Government’s record of implementing human rights standards and monitoring progress made (OHCHR, â€Å"Human Rights Defenders: Protecting the Ri ght to Defend Human

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