Monday, September 9, 2019

Impact of internet on travel agencies in UK Essay

Impact of internet on travel agencies in UK - Essay Example This essay "Impact of internet on travel agencies in UK" outlines the whole changes that the Internet brought in the travel industry. The travel agencies have a very hectic service to provide to its customers. Traveling to a new location is a very hectic and risky enterprise. The tourists have to take into account very small details in traveling which they might not consider when at home. These include travel and mode of travel, the costs and expenditures, the number of days that the tourists plan to stay, locations where they want to travel and the times set for that, food and accommodation, good maintenance services for clothing, dining, eating etc., and recreational spots etc. A travel agent therefore, not only has to help the tourist decide where he or she should go for the vacation but also has to take care of these essential and miniscule details. The more thorough the travel agent is in planning the whole trip for the client, the better ranked the company is. But all these arr angements cannot take place without the essential ingredient of money. The client’s choice of tourism spot is largely dictated by the amount of money he or she can spend on the trip. Again it is the travel agent who should have the ingenuity of choosing travel spot that is right for the client, is able to provide the necessary services required and lets the customer think that he or she is getting a great deal. So where does the internet help in all this? The internet simply stating, has become the tool that organizes and categorizes this vast information. into a form that is both comprehendible to the client and that is able to provide the necessary information to the reader, without encroaching too much (Deimezi and Buhalis, 2003, np)

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