Monday, August 26, 2019

Behavior management Inventory Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Behavior management Inventory - Case Study Example I’m not coming and you can’t make me!† I think this is probably the best way to handle this, because there is already a conflict and it gives the student an out. They can choose to keep their ‘pride’ and continue to be defiant by going to the principal’s office, or by simply following the instructions in class. Over one-half of your class is constantly asking, â€Å"Will this be on the test? How many pages does it have to be? Can I use a pencil? Does neatness count? Is it due at the beginning or at the end of class?† You set up a rule forbidding such questions, but they keep coming anyway. This situation should eventually stop the questions, hopefully, because the students will learn that they aren’t getting any new information by asking those kinds of questions. If a question isn’t addressed by those groundrules, it is either a good one or could be added to the groundrules. It also sets up a positive culture where the students know what is and isn’t important to me as a teacher. Micky hasn’t done his homework in over six weeks. He always has an excuse such as he lost it, he left it at home, or his baby sister ripped it up. He has a difficult time reading and comprehending and seldom participates in class. You have discussed the matter with Micky and have met with Micky and his mother who works second shift. Still the homework is never done. Obviously in this situation Micky is having trouble with the school work, and his family can be of little help. But he also has to understand that the classroom community has expectations, and doing homework is one of them. By eventually putting him in detention for missing so many homeworks it at least gives him time where he has no excuse and forces him to do some, so I can see where he is and where he needs more

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