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Organizational Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 4

Organizational Analysis - Essay Example Moreover, there are select Nordstrom stores that have furnishing and wedding departments and it is known as one of the most popular fashionable stores in the United States. Nordstrom Inc Company is big in size and has a variety of operating stores in different states. It has 252 stores which function in 34 states which consist of 117 full line stores and 132 Nordstrom Racks (Spector and McCarthy, 2012). The Nordstrom Company has future plans of opening 5 stores in Canada by 2014. The company competes with a number of luxury retailers such as Marcus, Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, and Dillard’s are in competition with Nordstrom’s, but do not carry the same high quality merchandise (Spector and McCarthy, 2012). Nordstrom has the largest number of stores and the largest geographic footprint. All of these retailers offer items such as jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, clothing, shoes, and accessories. Nordstrom is rated as a chief department store in the United States. According to Spector and McCarthy (2012) Nordstrom’s mission statement values the prosperity that diversity contributes to the workforce; thus, efficient service to the clients (Spector and McCarthy, 1996). Nordstrom’s mission is all about supporting their employees in order to give their customers quality services. They are focused in providing outstanding services to their client in order to remain on top. They hire and train the best staff in order to realize their mission of provision of effective service at all times (Spector and McCarthy, 1996). They value both their clients and employees and that is why they will always remain on top of their competitors. The role of the HR in fostering the organization’s mission statement is by hiring qualified staff and equipping them with the right knowledge in order to serve their customers excellently (Spector, 2005). Moreover, the HR can also train the staff occasionally on how to handle their cli entele and treat them with due respect and this will create conducive environment for them to serve the clients well. Moreover, the HR should make sure that the Nordstrom employees are well paid and this will make them feel valued an appreciated and they will do their work of serving customers outstandingly. Nordstrom serves wealthy customers in the United States. It has a highly trained staff that provides customers with superior customer service that no other store can compete on their level. They strive to make every customer’s experience enjoyable and upscale, so that the customer feels as if they are treating themselves upon every visit to the store. Nordstrom’s stocks are inclined to be more fashionable and upscale for their exclusive customers. Nordstrom also offers exceptional delivery on products upon request from a customer. Nordstrom’s carries a wide-ranging inventory on its floor, offering choices for men, women, and children (Spector and McCarthy, 2 012). Nordstrom faces challenges just like other retailers face in the current retail climate. Their number one challenge would be the downturn in the economy particularly because Nordstrom sells high end products. Nonetheless, Nordstrom is able to meet this challenge head on by making a customer’s experience rousing and fashionable, so as the clients feel owned y the organization’s management (Spector, 2005). One big challenge being faced by Nordstrom is the economy. This is forcing the HR department

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