Friday, August 9, 2019

Research & Professional Skills - Reflective Journal Essay

Research & Professional Skills - Reflective Journal - Essay Example Further, there is a problem in final decision making because of various views and opinions. Enterprise Development subject is the discipline I have placed much keenness and interest because it is interesting and I enjoy listening to the lecturer speak about the subject. Further, what makes this enterprise development an interesting subject is that the lecturer always encourage student to present themseves which gives us the ability to learn and develop critical thinking and problem solving skill. In addition, this subject will enable me to develop business plan which in turn will improve myself relevant industry information and world business issues. In my research and development I encounter several challenges such as fear to public speaking. This is due to the fact that I have less self-confident, I m not comfortable speaking to a crowd of people since I feel embarrassed to look in the eyes of other people. In addition, I am always anxious in the sense that I have the tendency of struggling against speech anxiety since I usually focus on my feeling rather than what I present. For instance, at the beginning, I try to avoid public speaking. Fortunately, I realise that in order to develop good research and professional skills, avoidance is not a better solution. Therefore, I try to be brave and self motivate before doing presentation in front of classmates. In the end, I realise that self confidence can make me relax, do a full preparation , get usual with public speaking and make it as a part in my life. I should develop personal practice pragmatically over their career by reflecting on, and adoption of several sources. This in turn will assist me in developing courage when addressing the public thus enhancing my public speaking skill. Further, courage will have made me self confident and focused on my feelings rather than what people expect of me. It is important in a person’s life since it is the basis for the delivery of good practice and

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