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The Awakening Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Awakening - Essay Example the dedicated artist.† (Stone, 1986) Stone is of the opinion that Edna undergoes lack of decision power as well as deficiency in perceiving the things in an accurate way. Consequently, she seeks relief in the company of these two feminine characters from where she gets encouragement and pieces of advice regarding her domestic life on the one hand, and romantic emotions on the other. Adele and Reisz represent two different generations, which have strong relationship with Edna’s birth as an artist as a result of her emotional attachment with Robert Lebrun. Edna turns towards paintings in order to express her feelings out of her love for Robert, as she undergoes quite loneliness because her businessman husband is unable to pay due heed to his wife. Stone points out the role of the objects of nature, including ocean and hills, in Edna’s life, which instigate her fervor and boast her imagination and creativity. Stone has successfully explored the positive and negative aspects of the main characters of the novel with special focus on the protagonist Edna. Joseph Church observes all the characters of the novel â€Å"The Awakening† undergoing the situation of constant conflict between reason and emotions. Consequently, the main character i.e. Edna Pontellier acts according to the counsels offered by the unmarried pianist Reisz. Chopin witnesses the same conflict in minor characters of the novel too, including the lady in black and the lovers, though their conflict is comparatively trivial one. Thus, unlike Edna Pontellier, who until the very end painfully struggles and fails to unify these two sides of Being, Mademoiselle Reisz has sought to resolve the problem decisively, however spuriously, by siding primarily with mind-as-artist, denying the mind-absorbing passionate body in herself, and then unconsciously arranging to repossess passion vicariously through the young and sensuously beautiful Edna (Church, 2008: 21) Adà ¨le also contains interest in

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