Thursday, August 22, 2019

Hurricane Hits England and Search For My Tongue Essay Example for Free

Hurricane Hits England and Search For My Tongue Essay Compare how a persons culture is shown to be important in Hurricane Hits England and in one other poem. In both Hurricane Hits England and Search For My Tongue, the poems explore the theme of culture being important to person, both poems approach this theme in different ways. In Hurricane Hits England, the poet uses the method of flashbacks to explore the theme, whereas Search For My Tongue approaches this theme by putting us in the authors shoes. In Hurricane Hits England, the subject matter is based around the serious hurricane that hit Southern England 1987. This is a very rare life force that is unusual in this country, more frequently occurring in the Caribbean. This storm in England reminds Nichols about her culture and this life force has been able to break the frozen lake within her. This shows us, the reader her culture is important to her, by creating a fusion of human life and natural life forces; Talk to me HuracanTalk to me Shango. These gods that she is calling out to us the reader, makes us also think that she is trying to create a chant as if she sees the hurricane as both Fearful and reassuring. Although she is happy that the hurricane has come for it has been able to help her discover her culture again, she is also reminded about what damage this life force can do to a country, physically and emotionally. The poet is using this event in England to help call her back-home cousin. This is another reminder to us the reader that she wants this occasion to be a flashback of what would have happened if she was in the Caribbean. However, she knows that this is not the same as the storms in the Caribbean, as the trees are falling heavy as whales. This simile is used to represent the different types of ecosystems around the world, how different trees have different properties. If you go to the Caribbean, the types of trees are mainly palm trees, with the properties of having flexible bark. However, in England the types of trees are Oak and Pine which are quite heavy and inflexible. This makes the trees unsuitable for this type of weather, making this experience still remind the poet about her culture, but seeing this weather as a new experience. In Search For My Tongue, the way the poets shows us how culture is important to her is done in different ways, by showing us how it is to be in another country and not be able to express your mother tongue. In this poem, she describes how she is scared of loosing her mother tongue, how it would rot and she will have to spit it out. This demonstrates how her language is a very important part of her culture and heritage and during the first stanza in the poem; the use of botanical imagery shows a mood of death and decay. She explains how she could not create a hybrid tongue, the use of both languages; You could not use them both together. This botanical imagery is then used to help the re-growth of her mother tongue while she is having a dream; munay hutoo kay The way how she portrays this stanza of the poem, not only gives the impression of her doing a chant but also had a lyrical feeling towards it. This is then an awakening for her mother tongue to grow, thus rediscovering language and culture is obviously important to the poet. The final stanza is probably the most enlightening and meaningful stanza in the entire poem, for it finally concludes how culture can be extremely important to people and make them the way they are; the bud opens in my mouth. The use of botanical imagery has now been used to firstly represent death and decay, to now being represent growth and re-birth. This use of assonance in the last stanza also helps to change the mood of the entire poem, giving it a more positive feel to the poem; blossoms out of my mouth. This line not only tells us that she is happy with the culture that she has re-discovered, but it also means that she has found the item that she had lost; her tongue. We know this from the title of the poem Search For My Tongue. In conclusion, both of these poems have been able to show how a past culture can be important to a persons character and future growth. This could teach all of us a moral lesson, by telling us that culture is important to everybodys feeling of self by making it mould our characters to what we are today. In both these poems, they might have used different methods to portray these themes, with the outcome giving off the same message.

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