Thursday, August 15, 2019

Government is the monopoly of legitimate use of physical power” Essay

Functions of the Ruling Officer: * Promote interest and welfare of the people * For the benefit of the governed * Protection of the inhabitants * Administration of justice * Advancement of the physical, economical, social and cultural well- being of the people * Preservation of the state from danger (internal & external) Ideal Qualities of Governing Politician: * Shall have the brains and ability * Political maturity * Experience â€Å"In order to govern people he does not know or understand, he ought to possess the talent of a genius and extraordinary knowledge.† * Jose Rizal â€Å"The government who fulfils the satisfaction of human expectation is good. The Government that DOES NOT serve the needs of the people but governs to protect the interest and welfare of a few at the expense of many is not good.† * Zulueta â€Å" Government is the monopoly of legitimate use of physical power† * Max Weber * The government is committed to promote: * general welfare, * morals, * intelligence, * social justice * Ultimate happiness Rizal on the Family * Family- the basic and oldest social institution, a very important factor in shaping the character of a child. Family determines: * Child’s social class * Religious orientation * Language * Upbringing of the children Children are Expected to be: * Loyal * Obedient Parents’ Legacies to children: * Rectitude of judgement * Generosity of rights * Steadfastness in adversity â€Å" The greatest honour that a son can pay his parents is integrity and a good name.† Rizal on Livelihood * Rizal vehemently objected Carl Marx’s Communist ideology. * He regarded livelihood as the government’s focal points to alleviate poverty Communism * ideology referring to the equal distribution of wealth. * The government scoops up all the wealth and distributes them evenly or as needed. Means of having a viable livelihood program: * Equal land ownership * Regulation of capital * Government buys from landlords and place it on workers â€Å"Regulation of Capital† was essential to combat the ill effects of capitalism. Each person’s wealth is based on his own personal production. Rizal on Justice â€Å" Justice is a constant and perpetual will to allot to every man what he is due.† Twin ideals of Justice System * Swiftness- occurrence of a speedy trial * Fairness- justice itself â€Å"Justice delayed is justice denied.† No person shall be deprived of life, liberty and property without due process of law.

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